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55. If you could live forever, would you want to?


❝I doubt I could resist seeing how all my beloved ones slowly vanish from the world as I continue to live…❞

41. If you could trade places with any person living or dead, who would you trade places with?

❝I believe I am in the right position.❞

13. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

❝Murders.❞ Fandom joke.

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

❝I was swimming on a molten chocolate pool, but the chocolate was extremely bitter…❞

25. Would you go sky diving?

❝B-But that is something suicidal!❞

16. Did the one person who hurt you most in your life apologize?

❝…not yet.❞

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There was a quiet moment between his touch and the Lucario’s twitch. Had he pinched a nerve? Banjo seemed to freeze, his finger losing its vigor and falling loosely towards the ground. Had he accidentally pushed the spike into him? Whatever the reason, the bear marked touch of any kind as a negative— this stranger didn’t seem too good for it. 

"Uhhh… Yeah. Hope not… It ain’t sore or nothin’, is it?…" Regardless of its history, the bear raised his concerns. The way this guy jumped, an obvious stimulation was hidden…

Well, when pained, Banjo knew what he did! Without thinking, he swooped his blue backpack off his shoulders and to the front. He un-did the flap, and before long pulled out an obscenely large honeycomb, one which he held outward towards Mr. Sensitive Spike. “Here. You should eat d’is. It might make ya feel a lil’ betta’!”

▐「☯」— ❝It is in good condition, don’t worry…❞ After reassuring the bear about his own welfare, Lucario couldn’t help but feel curious about Banjo’s next doing. He didn’t notice how spacious his bag seemed until now, and that only increased his already high inquisitiveness… what kind of wonders would this magical ursine hide inside his mysterious and beary big bear backpack? Could it be wealth? Jewels? Presents? No! it’s a honeycomb! A… a… a honeycomb… from… the bees… a… honeycomb…

❝F…For me…?❞ He was astonished indeed, yeah, and who could be able to blame him… Well, he liked honey at least, but directly eating from a honeycomb was simply too hardcore for Lucario. ❝Cou… Could you please teach me how to eat it?❞ Of course, the oblivious jackal didn’t hesitate in showing his ignorance regarding the matter. He wasn’t going to fake something he simply didn’t know how to do…



   She had been wanting to share this little spot with someone for a while now, and who better than her fellow sweets-lover. Holding her own cup between her hands, she watched her furry companion sip and nibble while wiggling anxiously beside him.

   ”Good, huh?” Madison sipped at her own drink while trying to contain her grin, “I though y’ might like ‘em.”

▐「☯」— The azure jackal gave a nod full of positivism as a response to both of Madison’s statements. Both the beverage and the pastry were just so ideally sweet, and their distinctive flavor made his tongue’s taste buds shout in blissful delight. Just to strengthen his affirmation, Lucario impulsively decided to take another sip of the cocoa-coffee-milk mixture from the mug containing it, but the moment when the drink made contact with the tip of his lips, a grievous yip escaped from the canine’s throat. Mwee!

Immediatly leaving the mug on the table located between the girl and himself, Lucario stuck his burnt tongue out, smoothly biting it as a failed attempt to make the unpleasant sensation go away. How could he possibly forget to blow first…?

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Lucario and Banjo are sooooooooo gonna fuck


【Go home.】



"Eeee-yup! Ahuh. No need ta worry about me. I’m a hardy bear." The softness of— just about every part of his body, would claim otherwise. However, he didn’t want a chance encounter to be downed by finger pointing. He settled his paw on the spot that spiked had pricked him, forcing a pained breath that made him seem a little more durable. 

The curious fur leaned forward, tapping his finger against the spike’s tip. It had his attention now: the little hug deflector. Now, and perhaps forever… It was almost insulting to be denied the ability to hug a person…! “Hardy as yer thing ‘ere… Errr. Ain’t it a little dangerous ta be wearin’ dis around?…”

▐「☯」— Oh, well, the canine was relieved to know the bear’s sturdiness saved him from any possible accidental stabs, and he demonstrated it with an appeased sigh. ❝Phew…❞ However, his state of relaxation quickly broke up when the robust ursine made physical contact with him——with his infamous chest-spike, to be explicitly specific.

❝Eeeh—…❞ Even if it seemed like a pointless piece of bone located on an unsuitable spot, it was actually a very nervous part of his body, so it was just natural for Lucario to show off his awkwardness with an instantaneous step backwards.

Rebuilding his serious attitude towards the beary strange bear stranger, Lucario shook his head a bit, blinked twice, and successfully attempted to put on a serious facade once again.

❝Well, I must tell you that it sadly cannot be helped… I was born with this characteristical spike. All the members of my species own them without a single exception, and we have lived with it for generations until today.❞ Right after reciting a doubtfully necessary discourse, the jackal’s inquistive gaze nailed upon the ursine’s entire anatomy… he seemed like an Ursaring, but not exactly… was he a foreigner, perhaps? ❝…in any case, I hope my spike is not an obstacle for further interaction between the two of us, mister.❞


"Whoa… it’s been like, a month or somethin’, eh? Dust bunnies are running amok in the inbox!"


"Sorry bout’ that, buds. I sorta locked myself in my own-… wait a sec, that excuse’s been used already.”


▐「☯」— Casually munching on a banana cupcake he found somewhere around the jungle. ❝Ah! Diddy.san!❞ Munch munch. ❝There has been a long time since the two of us last met!❞ Nom nom. ❝Have you been behaving lately?❞ Gulp.